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Empower Your Company's Vision with Tailored Software Solutions!

We specialize in creating well architected solutions, custom-tailored to our customers needs. We deliver high-quality, well-tested software for cloud, mobile and embedded devices.

With expertise spanning micro-services in the cloud, native and hybrid mobile applications, embedded systems using RTOS or embedded Linux, and cross-platform software for desktop, we are well qualified to deliver enterprise-grade solutions at a reasonable price.

Additionally, we have become experts at using AI and ML solutions to help our customers go further. We have implemented Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) solutions, making use of generative AI to increase timeliness and effeciency for our clients, across multiple industries. In the embedded software industry we've worked with cutting-edge edge-AI solutions, using ML models taylored to computer vision object-detection, and real-time audio analysis.

Whether you're a budding startup or poised for rapid expansion, we're here to architect a technology growth plan tailored to your journey. Reach out to discuss your software needs or request a quote today, and let's shape the future together!

Elevate Your Mobile Experience

Let us craft your next native, or hybrid iOS or Android application with precision and finesse. With our expertise, rest assured of professional-quality apps that seamlessly integrate into the app stores.

We are pioneers in developing apps requiring wireless communications, especially in conjunction with embedded systems, for medical, and IoT devices. Our portfolio consists of dozens of connected apps, both in IoT and the medical device industry, underscoring our passion for these technologies.

Using React Native and Flutter frameworks, empower us to build cross-platform apps efficiently. While cross-platform is convenient there are times where native might be a better choice. We can guide in helping you choose the right approach for your app.

Using frameworks like CoreML and TensorFlow Lite, we can enable your mobile apps to adapt and learn, and go beyond traditional mobile functionality. From intelligent recommendation engines to predictive analytics, and computer vision, audio analysis and detection, our AI-driven solutions help redefine user experiences and drive business growth.

Reach out to us to discuss your project, or get a quote.

Modern Cloud Solutions

Crafting cutting edge, full-stack, and well architected cloud solutions using React, Angular, and Next.js to name a few, is part of what we offer to our customers. Utilizing modern cloud micro-service design and reusable components on the front-end, allows web sites to be nimble instead of the monolithic web apps of old.

We love taking an old application and retrofitting it with modern practices. If your site or web application is in need of an upgrade, or if you have a new cloud based product or SaaS, we can help.