Architecting Custom Solutions

Does your company need a mobile app, with a robust web services API behind it?  We’ve got you covered.  How about an IoT product that requires the development of custom firmware, as well as the accompanying mobile apps and web infrastructure?  We have experience developing enterprise-grade, scaleable systems, and architecting custom solutions for our clients. This includes everything from hardware specification and design, middleware services, cloud-device, discovery solutions, voice, and video integration, over-the-air, firmware updates, and real-time reporting, ETL and data warehousing.

We work extensively with both Amazon Web Services®, including AWS IoT®. We also work with Google Compute Engine®, and Rackspace Cloud®. We are Windows®, Mac®, and Linux® experts, and will work with you to create a custom infrastructure that's right for you. Whether your company is just starting out, or is needing to scale rapidly, we will work with you to create a technology growth plan that fits.

Please call or email us to discuss your custom software needs, or request a quote here.

Mobile Apps

Let us produce your next native iOS, Android or Windows Phone application.  We have the expertise to produce a professional quality application, and a track-record of apps that are easily accepted into the app stores.

We are particularly skilled at developing apps that require wireless communications, with other embedded, IoT, and home-automation devices.  We have worked on over half-a-dozen IoT-hardware-backed apps to date. We find this particular field very fascinating, and we think of it as the new "app store". Reach out to us to discuss your project, or get a quote.

Responsive Web Sites

Ask us about how a responsive web site can drastically increase your traffic.  In this increasingly mobile world, having a dated web site could be loosing your company business.  Newer m-commerce options exist that didn't just a few years ago. Let us give your site the refresh it needs, and you can reach more customers every day.

The return on investment for a new responsive site, will be so much greater than the cost. Especially, considering that mobile traffic is expected to continue to increase, and eventually catch up with desktop browsing among consumers.